What an absolutely incredible experience…

What an absolutely incredible experience… words cannot do it justice on our past few days

When you feel the calling for it in your heart, you try to silence it, you try to ignore at first but it just keeps appearing over and over so we decided it was time to answer the call.. and boy am k I glad I did… I try not to use the cliche ‘life changing’ because it’s used too
much without thought and ordinarily BUT let me tell you, after something like this, after what you see… something in you simply changes… how can it not.. something for the better.. you heal in places that you didn’t know needed healing… you see a perspective you didn’t even know was there OR it has been there all along but maybe you had forgotten and you just needed a little simple reminder

Let me tell you about our little adventure…

… for the past 7 days we have been in Costa Rica, in a very magical and beautiful place… beauty not only in the physical sense that you see with your naked eye but beauty that you feel deep inside.. like it within air… we have been in a remote location in the rain forest.. surrounded by nature… practicing ancient indigenous rituals passed down from our ancestors and from many many generations that have passed, beautiful ceremonies from many many years ago passed down from a place of pure wisdom… words cannot describe or do the slightest justice of what this is and I will never try to explain it to someone else, its unexplainable, you just have to experience yourself to understand… oh we even got the ‘Amazonian Vaccine’ as a bonus 🙂

…. for the past 7 days we have fasted for 3 days, we have only had water, some juice, herbal teas, fresh rich fruits, vegetables and very little carbs. We have had no caffeine, no coffee, no sugar, no chocolate. We have also had no distractions whatsoever, no phones, no screens, no computers, no books, no outside music, no entertainment, nothing. There is no clock anywhere, no watch, you never know what time it is. There is no schedule, no time to eat, no time to wake up, no time to sleep. It is just you, your thoughts and the reflection on the teachings you receive day by day, and there is a LOT of them. Your senses become enhanced, your feelings grow stronger, you are SO present, there is only that moment, the smallest things gain meaning, your meals are amplified, your thoughts become you, you learn patience and to wait, there is no other choice.. you would go to bed at sundown… on the last day I discovered I had been waking up naturally at 4:23am and going to bed around 6-7pm lol some of our ceremonies were all night long until sunrise, they would just come and get you when it was time, we had thought they were starting at 11pm or midnight and we found out at the end it was actually 8 or 9pm, everyone was cracking up when we found out.. we have companies that we run, we have active projects, we have deals pending and deals in the work, we have employees, we have commitments and compromises, there is always a million things going on. when I have worked 12-15 hours for the past few years AND you enjoy it, its not hard BUT then we go off the grid for a few days… literally.. and its hard

Okay going back to our experience… this has been one of the hardest thing I have ever done, not physically… but mentally and just exhausting your body and mind. What a humbling and absolutely beautiful experience that I truly wish everyone could experience it. It has been non stop HARD work, every day, constant work – let me remind you, this is not easy…. You get to look deep inside yourself in the rawest form, a look inside your soul, you see all your demons (even the ones you think or didnt know about), things that you had absolutely NO idea was in there, in your subconscious that you didnt know.. no explanation, you try to make sense.. you ask WHY and BUT but you can’t explain, some days you see death, no I really mean death – not the feeling “ I thought I was going to die” but REALLY feel in your souls that this was it, you were dying and after you come out of it you feel PURE joy, energy, light and PURE love in the purest form

Im not spiritual, I am not ‘in tune’, I’m not emotional, I thought I was ALWAYS in control of my situations, I thought I was tough, I fought hard, I fought with all my strength, I would open my eyes, it wouldnt go away, it followed me whatever I did, my heart was going a million miles per hour, my chest was heavy and closing in, I coudlnt breath, my throat was closing in, extreme restless, Icoudlnt sit still, resisting, sitting down, getting up, nothing would make it better, I saw my body in the ER table and no nurse or doctors looking at me, I would see the first responders coming but they wouldnt help, I would tell my self but I am ‘A and O xs 4, I would answer all the ‘alert and oriented’ so leave me alone but it wouldnt stop… I eventually exhausted myself, It came to a point that I finally surrendered… then She said okay and She showed me.. when I felt pain, it was a DEEP pain, I would feel it deep in my soul, not only my own pain from things that I have had in my life but extreme pain from others, I would feel their sorrow – family members, people in my life, I felt them, I felt a pain that is unbearable, how broken they are, empathy and sympathy dont describe it, I would see it as if I was them, I would cry and fall on my knees.. then.. She would show me the most absolute, the most pure – blissful happiness and joy, a light so strong and pure that would overtake you and your entire body would levitate and I would cry down on my knees feeling so much joy and I would see genuine love from my loved ones, from family members, from friends, from people in my life… it was beauty in a different light like never experienced ever before…. And.. there was more… so much more

I have always been and thought of myself a problem solver, I have the solution, whats the problem? Whats wrong? I can fix it. Before you even finish telling me what the issue is and I am there ready, hey this is what you do. This is how you solve it. Do this. Dont to that. If you dont do it this way its not gonna work.. i realized that not everyone needs a solution, thats not what they want. Sometimes they just need to be heard. You just need to be there and to support them. You dont need to fix it. Just be there for them. Ive distanced myself from many close people in my life, I didnt know hot to solve their problem, there was nothing I could do, I couldn’t relate anymore, I had moved on, I didnt want to hear it… I realized they dont need a solution, they just need you, you just need to be there for them. You cant change them, you cant make them do what you want them to do, just be there, its okay. I hate to call people, not have anything to talk about, talk ‘about’ superficial things with the same answers that I know I will get from the same questions that I ask them everytime and that is okay, just talk to them, just love them, be with them.

To get to do this with your loved one is absolutely amazing, we have heard of couples coming and leaving separately, so to get to experience this with them and grow even stronger with your partner is magical. We will be back, we don’t know when but we will know when it’s time and when it’s time to clean again. Forget what you have read and watched about this, this is nothing like it, there is no substitute for experiencing and for feeling it. The Plant is wise beyond these years, the Mother knows what she is doing, she is patient, she is caring, she is gentle, she is loving, she heals, she is rough, she is harsh, she is hard, she is real with you…. You have to trust the process, she only gives you what you can handle and THE MORNING ALWAYS COMES.

And lastly, thank you everyone at the Nada Brahma Healing Center (God is the Highest Vibration). What a truly special place this is. We will always cherish our moment together and remember our unforgettable experience and memories. Thank you Carlos for what you have built, for opening your home to us with open arms and your genuine light and wisdom, the admiration I felt for what you do is an under statement, thank you for following your vision and answering your call, no matter the sacrifice or paid price to action, the lives you have touched and will continue to touch is truly remarkable and extremely important work, you will continue to help and heal many, the stories shared and felt were indescribable. Thank you for sharing your vision about us and for seeing my heart, thank you for confirming what I do and most importantly why I do it, thank you for reminding me of what used to be but it’s still there and it didn’t go anywhere regardless of what has happened and for thank you for what you told me, those words were received and engraved. What an amazing human being you are, an amazing leader, teacher, healer, guide and friend. You and this place you built is a true representation of a Light Tower to many. Thank you Fanny for what you do, your holistic approach in everything and for taking care of us and always making sure we had what we needed. Thank you Marcela for always being there by our side, at all times, day and night, and always listening, never judging, your presence is like nothing else, your growth is also our growth. Thank you Gilberto for always looking after us and taking care of all the little things and Jenny for cooking such an amazing delicious food… Jeralin and I know where we will be renewing our vows and we can’t wait.. it was hard staying but it’s even harder leaving… for now until the next time my good friends.

Well my friend.. if you ever wondered is this for me? Or had even the slightest feeling its time, then this might be the time, let me encourage you to run towards it… don’t wait, the time is now. You will be forever grateful you did… you will know when it’s time.

Pura vida!

Felipe Soares
McKinney, TX