There are no words to describe at Nada Brahma

There are no words to describe or even to express what spending 7 days at Nada Brahma was like. Though I may try, it won’t come close… and like Carlos says, “whatever you think it is, it’s not that.” IT’S SO MUCH MORE. I came in with an open heart, and a surrendered soul. Thats when the transformation happens. When you drop all the facades and break down all the walls, when you open yourself up to ALL the possibilities, that’s when you allow true LOVE to enter, and that’s what changes the world, true and genuine love. Thats exactly what I received at Nada Brahma, genuine love. Carlos is pure light. He is made out of flesh and bone, but his spirit has transcended above and beyond, and it shows in his guidance. His words are genuine, his love is genuine and everyone at Nada Brahma genuinely cares. Marcela is a gift to Nada Brahma, and I am so thankful to God that she crossed my path on this earth and that I got to really enjoy her presence. Gilberto, Jenny, and Fanny, each one of them complete the place and bring something so beautiful and unique to the retreat. My life has forever been touched by them, and truly, I received more than I could have ever imagined. From my soul to everyones soul at Nada Brahma Healing Center, THANK YOU!