The entire experience was way beyond anything I expected…

The 8 days I spent at Nada Brahma were hands down the best days of my life. While I may have initially gone for the detox, healing and health aspects; the experience turned out to be life changing and incomparable. Not a day has gone by since I left the retreat that I don’t reflect on my experience there. The staff was outstanding and the meals were high quality, health oriented and delicious. Carlos is an exceptionally gifted and amazing human being that I am grateful to have known, if only for the short time I was there. The entire experience was way beyond anything I expected. I am now working on integrating what I learned at Nada Brahma into my daily life and using the experience to forge my way to becoming the person I now believe I am meant to be.

Thank you to Carlos, Jessica, Fanny and the entire staff there at Nada Brahma. Words can not describe my sincere gratitude.