The call of Medicine came

The call of Medicine came to me a long time ago, however my ego was terrified. Finally one day I took the courage and enlisted me to this retreat.

As soon as I got to the mountain where Nada Brahma is, I felt that I had come to the right place. The warm smiles of those who make up the team were the confirmation that I had found a place full of love, respect and humbleness: just what I was looking for.

As the ceremonies went on I felt that more and more layers of that terrified ego were falling apart and that only what really mattered remained. Each word of encouragement and support from each and everyone there was a window that opened and let in a new knowledge that could not only be analyzed mentally but felt from the heart while sweet tears fell. We all saw each others exposed to the love of which we all have right for the simple fact of being here.

Therefore, sister, brother, if you feel that you want to heal, free yourself from fears, forgive and feel that innocent love in a free of judgments environment this is a incredible place. Allow yourself to get to know you better with this ancestral medicines, they will teach you so much things that you can’t imagine as I can’t really explain.

Nada Brahama and its loving team are, from my humble opinion, a space where fairness is imposed, where we all recognize mistakes and where each and everyone can at the same time be the teacher as well as the student. To this space that allowed me to embrace that which i always were, always are and that will always be my warmest and sincere appreciation.

Blessings and Pura Vida