My visit to Nada Brahma

My visit to Nada Brahma back in September of 2018 was the very start to the unraveling of myself, my ego, my health and discovering deep density that needed to be felt and cleared and how these experiences would begin to change my life in unexpected ways throughout the years to come. I can see now I wasn’t quite in the proper head/Heart-space then, now here I am a little over 2 years later in the best health I’ve ever been in my life and it only increases everyday through surrendering and letting go of conditioning, many layers of myself and of the past. It’s like peeling the layers of an onion. It was through my experiences at the retreat that led me into a much more profound search for my “self” and diving into the shadow/Light work. It is only through our darkness that we may find the Light, our Light. This is the most Loving and Compassionate space to journey with the medicine. Wherever you are in your journey, if you feel called to Mother Aya, I promise you this is the place for transformation. Jessica, Carlos, Harold and the staff create the space for deep healing if you choose to accept and receive it. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I honor you all and hold infinite Gratitude til this day for the Love and Light that you share and radiate. Much Love and Blessings!