I want to thank you…

I want to thank you for a wonderful experience this past week. From the moment I met you, I was immediately calmed by your presence and captivated by your knowledge — you truly are magic! I’ve been living with a heavy heart for many years and have been trying to research spiritual practices to help me move past my heartbreak. For the first time, after my week with you, I feel like I can finally integrate this knowledge and truly LIVE it instead of just studying it. While I am still timid about my next chapter, I have renewed optimism for the future.

I could feel immediately after meeting you that you genuinely have a deep care and concern for everyone and truly want to see us living our best lives. I know just being in the presence of your sincerity was healing for me as well. The experience with the medicine was also profound, and I still feel its effects. I didn’t have any visions or deep realizations, but I don’t think I needed them. I did fight the medicine during the ceremonies because I was afraid of losing control and feeling ill. Regardless of this, I do feel the medicine working inside me and I hope to experience it again someday for all its wonderful health benefits.

The entire experience at Nada Brahma was so special and I had some of the deepest experiences of my life with the other retreat participants.