I visited NBHC in May 2021

I visited NBHC in May of 2021 for my first Plant Medicines . I was drawn to this retreat because of the authentic feel and intimate group sizes. was incredibly healing to truly unplug from society, electronics, time- basically all man-made constructs! The days were spent reflecting on the ceremonies, swinging in hammocks, taking hikes down to the river, swimming in the natural swimming pools, having beautiful conversations with the facilitators and other guests. The food was INCREDIBLE and they sent us home with recipes, music playlists, and other resources to help us integrate our experience. All of the logistics, meals, laundry, EVERYTHING was taken care of for us so all we had to work on was ourselves. The Shamans were incredibly down-to-earth and easy to relate to. They made sure that we knew that this was our HOME for the week, and that we were their teachers as much as they were ours. This is a truly special place for healing and I hope to come again when I feel called to the medicine. Thank you so much Carlos, Harold, Marcella, Fanny, and of course thank you to Maria and Clarice for taking so much care of us. This place will always hold a special place in my heart.