Opened up pathways that catapulted me into connecting…

Attending the Nada Brahma healing center this last 3 weeks has a life changing experience for me. While it was incredibly intense and triggering at times, it also opened up pathways that catapulted me into connecting and accepting my shadow aspects and open my heart to a massive degree.
I barely recognize who I am right now… This is liberating and also scary … The reason I gave this retreat five stars is because of everything it encompassed that led me to these shifts: A sacred space to experience Plant Medicine ceremonies and safety for me to process deep trauma that came up throughout the retreat. Feeling unconditional love from Carlos and all of the staff, and personalized attention when needed. Immersion in nature. Healthy juicing and detox from sugar, meat, dairy and processed foods under Jessica’s tutelage.
I also am grateful for the connections I made with all the other participants that I saw myself in.
I feel like I have a family here I can come back to that has seen aspects of me nobody else has. I am incredibly grateful to Carlos, Jessica, Alex, Andres, Sophie, and Ruff..