Amazing. In so many ways. From the staff, to the Ayahuasca ceremonies

Amazing. In so many ways. From the staff, to the Ayahuasca ceremonies, to the food, to the nature, to the residence, to the dog, to the medicine. Well…it was ALL medicine and learning.

I had previously done a “retreat” in Ecuador with ayahuasca. Although that experience was good in that it set my wheels in motion, it was nothing compared to Nada Brahma. The support, brotherhood, and community of the center were unmatched. The staff…

Carlos is the man. A humble, non-assuming, straightforward, and kind human being with an interesting path. Just a pure soul. He gets to the core of the matter, beyond  Ayahuasca plant medicine, beyond meditation…beyond any technique. True spirituality.

Fanny was superb in all ways. From communication, to ensuring we were taken care of, to nutrition advice. Excellent.

Marcela was a beautiful soul. Extremely talented musician and yoga teacher. I was happy to have her support.

The week will forever be a prominent part of my path and life moving forward. I learned so much about myself. I healed my body, mind, and soul. Not only through the plant medicine, but through the other medicines, and through the silence and through unhooking from technology for 7 days. Not having a phone or clock for a week was incredibly powerful in and of itself.

I would sincerely recommend this center to any seeker, but really any human. I returned to my true nature. The real, real reality is that the retreat happens after the retreat. But the integration and care to help incorporate these lessons was second to none. Pura vida.