Absolutely perfect!…

Absolutely perfect! Carlos and Harold have a beautiful bond in providing the guidance through the journey 🙏 ❤️, like shepards of our six souls helping us push through. Many thanks.

Jessica, thank you for the gentleness in providing us a warm welcome and everything after. Maricela, thank you for being there early in the morning when I’d come out of the tent. Appreciating the moment, life and everything that surrounds us.
Ruff, what a good boy, a true protector. He’d accompany me down the road on my daily strolls, making sure I was ok all the way, 🥥.

The awesome kitchen staff ladies, gracias for the meals made with love, delicious glory.

Of course many thanks to Dan, Judith, Andrea, Radu and Rich for sharing the journey together. I hope everything works out for all of us and we find what it is that we’re looking for in this life. I hope to see you guys later as it’s never really goodbye. I appreciate you all 💗. Ahh, fuck it….. You’re all awesome, keep kicking ass!

I know I have more work to do with the plant medicine. I will be back. Until then peace and love.