Self-Observing and Attaining Balance in States of Being

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In a world that is full of experiences the pleasant, the rather ordinary, and those that are especially challenging, there are methods to observe and attain balance in our states of being. This balance can be found through observing and understanding our relationship with the experience and not just our reaction to the experience itself. By embracing this approach during and after the experience, we can achieve balance. That balance can unlock a surreal level of focus and clarity, enhance our energy state, and offer certain protections that might not otherwise be available to us.  

Understanding what we mean by balance and states of being are essential in our understanding of the approach. Balance can easily be misinterpreted. We may want to assume that with the balance we will feel joyful and fortunate, even euphoric once attained. While there are conditions where that may be true, in the balance state there are no strong emotions but rather circumstances in which we are simply present and at relative peace with everything, not qualifying something as good or bad. In doing so, we are calibrating our awareness such that whatever we are experiencing, we can minimize its effect on us. We can sit with it. We can be more present.

Compared to balance, states of being are less easy to define. We can surely try to define a state of being as a moment in time or over an extended duration, but perhaps neither is adequate. I will offer that a state of being generally has a beginning, middle, and end. Those phases may be established by the physical, psychological, or spiritual world or some combination of the three. For the purposes of this piece, I will first focus on the state of being that is induced by the physical world over a fixed time duration. In this case we can use the power of self-observation to attain balance. I will also center our attention on circumstances that may be especially challenging. These especially challenging circumstances can be powerful teachers.

There are three experiences that I will highlight to explore the space. We will talk more about this topic specifically; but for now, please be aware that these are just words… words that bring information to the mind and this can help you recognize the call that is in your heart, otherwise, you would not be reading this.

In the end, the experience is the only thing that can give you what we are trying to explain here. Therefore, when you recognize the call of the soul to take the path of plant medicine, we are here to help you understand this life-changing experience.

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