Deep Meditation Retreats 5-12 October, 2024

Join us for a Life-Changing Experience and Journey Within.

October 5, 2024
$ 2,500.00 per person
4-8 people

Where the essence of meditation transcends the ordinary, guiding you towards profound self-discovery and transformative experiences. Our Deep Meditation Retreat is a sacred space dedicated to those seeking a profound spiritual journey. Immerse yourself in the depths of meditation, transcending the ordinary boundaries of the mind.

Embark on a unique path of self-exploration as we delve into deep meditations, enriched by the profound wisdom of plant medicines. Experience the transcendental power of rapé ceremonies, mambé rituals, and other transformative practices that elevate your meditation practice to new heights. These sacred ceremonies are meticulously curated to enhance your spiritual connection and facilitate a profound inner transformation.

In addition to our meditation practices, we harness the energy of the Temazcal, a sacred space where powerful ceremonies unfold. These temazcal ceremonies offer a gateway to the unconscious, allowing participants to touch the depths of their being. This is not merely a light meditation experience; it is a transformative journey for those committed to taking serious steps towards profound life changes.

Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica

Join us on this spiritual odyssey, where meditation intertwines with sacred plant medicines and ancient ceremonies, paving the way for a profound and lasting transformation in your life.

Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica


Before your retreat: Guests are asked to follow dietary restrictions for at least 7 days prior to the commencement of their retreat.  We will provide all the information for preparation during your enrollment process.  Although we are flexible and are sometimes able to accept last minute reservations, if you are considering one of our retreats, please contact us at least one (1) week before the start so that there is enough time to implement the dietary restrictions.

Medical Screening: If you decide to attend one of our retreats, we ask that you fill out our Medical Screening Form.  Once we receive and review your Medical Screening Form, we can proceed with collecting a deposit to hold your spot.

After your retreat: For many, our retreat is just the beginning of their spiritual journey. Although many are motivated to return home with a deeper connection and understanding of themselves and their lives, some find it difficult to integrate back into their habitat.  We encourage retreat guests to stay in touch with other members of their group for continued connection and support following their retreat. We also make ourselves available a few times per month to speak to any guest that is having difficulty with the integration process.

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