Nada Brahma started with a dream, a dream to help many people to find their path, a path without end, a path that we can find only when we stop identifying ourselves with our minds and our desires; a path that requires us to look inside ourselves, at our highest self in consciousness and wisdom, that being that is there waiting to be recognized.

Who am I? Why am I here? You can never find those answers with your mind, only when you immerse yourself in the deep silence, in the highest wisdom of your own being, that love that sustains all things, the invisible hand that gives us life: the Supreme Love.


Our Mother Earth

“Our Mother Earth is in us and we are in her, she gave birth to us and gave us life. It was she who gave us our body and we will return it to her one day.”

The blood that runs in us has been born from the blood of mother earth, blood that falls from the clouds and runs in the rivers. The air we breathe has been born from the breath of mother earth, breath that whispers among the leaves of the forests and is blue like the sky.



Our purpose is to continue providing medicine and a space for the true at heart, the true seekers, to immerse themselves in that infinite space of love.

All donations received through this platform will be used to continue providing medicine for the next generations and to develop reforestation programs in order to preserve this beautiful place that we have forgotten... Our Mother Earth.