My First Ayahuasca Retreat at Nada Brahma

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During the Retreat we will all go through the same process together. This week is like a training to see life very differently, we are not going to repress or deny anything, but for the first time we will see things in a different way and with a very open mind to be able to observe the whole experience.

Ayahuasca Ceremony Costa Rica
Ayahuasca Ceremony Costa Rica

It is not about paying attention only to the Ayahuasca experience because we would miss out on much more. Ayahuasca medicine is just another finger pointing to the same truth that is everywhere. Taking this medicine has become a very beautiful movement, but as it becomes more popular, the essence is also lost, and we can lose our way thinking that we are going to find that magic pill that is going to solve our lives.

It is important to know that the medicine is only there to remind us of the real “I”. Just as all the experience that we will have during this week is for that, and you will realize that nothing is separated.

I know that when we are in the bubble of the mind, talking about these things is like “fairy tales”, something very far from our “reality”, but that is only a thought that makes us separate from all this.

There are techniques that can help us in the experience of this journey of life, but there is a more beautiful truth and it is going directly to that source, to that ultimate truth. Otherwise, we will spend many years of our life removing one mask after another looking for something, doing one practice after another. And then it becomes very common that we find more ego in spirituality than in other areas of life because we start to believe that we are more spiritual than others because we have certain practices: because I do yoga, because I am a shaman, because I drink Ayahuasca, etc. and in the end, it is the same person who puts on another mask of “spirituality”.

Meditation at Nada Brahma Healing Center
Meditation at Nada Brahma Healing Center

For this reason, it is necessary that during this week you question all these concepts and ideas. Do not be afraid, if there is something that is true, no one can take it away from you. Everything that is true in your heart belongs to you, even if 99% of people say that it is not true…if it is true for you, then that is enough. You don’t need approval or followers.

You are your own teacher and guru. Come and find it out!

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