Measuring Your Body’s PH

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The easiest and fastest way to know how healthy your body is, is to test your pH.

The pH is a scientific scale that measures the range of acidity or alkalinity in your blood, urine and other parts of the body. PH means “hydrogen potential” and is a scientific way to measure the quality and condition of water and oxygen in the body. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, 7 being neutral, below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline.

To better understand the subject, we can compare the body to a fishbowl where fish eat and create waste. There they breathe and in and in doing so they create CO2 which causes the pH to drop since CO2 is acidic! If the pH of the water is not corrected, the fish get sick. When fish get sick, the first thing we do is to change the water, change the environment where they exist. The same principle applies in the body because pH is the internal environment in which cells live.

Your body’s pH is in direct correlation with good health. Keeping the blood and tissues in balance by creating an alkaline state in the body can be tricky since most of the foods we eat are very acidic and this makes the body’s task of maintaining a balanced pH difficult. The only way the body can treat excess acid is by storing it in order to remove it from the bloodstream. The body removes this waste through the colon or kidneys, but if you have a lot of acid it is very difficult to neutralize and therefore the body stores it.

The consequences of accumulating acid in the body are numerous: weight gain, digestive problems, reflux, fatigue, joint problems, tiredness, skin problems, among others. The first step to return the body to a balance is to first discover your pH is. You can do this by testing with pH paper. If you are very acidic you should detox and cleanse your body, hydrate properly, and replenish your mineral reserves. Make changes in your diet by consuming more alkaline foods and eating less acidic foods. Start by learning what things impact your pH and make the necessary adjustments. As a result of this, you will create an environment for your cells to work and eliminate waste optimally. You will begin to feel less fatigued and your skin and hair will take on a shiny, clear, and vibrant nature.

I recommend using pH Paper and not plastic strips because the paper is easier to read and the plastic strips are not biodegradable. The ideal pH level is 7,365 which is close to basic or alkaline. The best testing method is to urinate on a test strip of pH paper with your first urine in the morning. Wait 15 seconds and then match the color of the paper with the multicolored scale on the box containing the test strips. The ideal color is between dark green and blue, which indicates 7.2 / 7.4. You can also ask a laboratory to have your pH tested, but be sure to fast for a bit beforehand otherwise your test will not be accurate.

Acidic environments where the pH is low are a breeding ground for disease. Boosting your immune system and creating an environment where the bacteria and viruses can not thrive starts with bringing the system into a balanced pH or otherwise alkaline state. Here you can enjoy vibrancy and well-being.

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