Rapé - Sacred Tobacco

What is Rapé?

For thousands of years, tobacco has been used as a powerful plant medicine for many indigenous groups.  Specifically, Rapé is the name of a dried and powdered tobacco snuff that is made in conjunction with other plants from the Amazon. Rapé is used as a powerful and beautiful healing medicine. It is pronounced “ra-pé” in Spanish. Rapé is applied into the nose through a blow pipe known as a tepi.  Unlike the common tobacco found in cigarettes, the tobacco used to make Rapé is organic and does not contain harmful additives. 

Rape medicine Costa Rica

Benefits of using Rapé

  • Helps clear and focus the mind
  • Helps to balance both sides of the brain and ground your energy.
  • Brings you into the present moment
  • Helps to calm emotions and reduce anxiety
  • Helps to clear sinus of mucus and bacteria

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