What is Ayahuasca?

Plant Medicine ayahuasca (also known as iowaska) has been used by the indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest for more than 5000 years. It is difficult to describe in words what one feels after drinking the medicine. Each individual’s experience is unique and different but, one thing almost everyone experiences is the death and destruction of their “ego”. Experiencing the death of your “ego” gives you a deep understanding of yourself on a spiritual, mental and physical level, initiating the healing process of any existing imbalance.

Ayahuasca Ceremony Costa Rica

What Preparation is recommended for Ayahuasca Medicine?

Guests are asked to eat a plant-based diet the week prior to the retreat.  Guests are asked to suspend the following (see list below) for 7 days prior to your retreat.  It will allow the plant medicine to work with ease in the body will improve your overall experience.

  1. All alcohol
  2. All meat including pig, cow, chicken, bird, fish, seafood
  3. Any product containing caffeine, including coffee, tea, chocolate, soda (herbal, caffeine-free tea is ok)
  4. All unnatural beverages, even if caffeine-free (try some homemade orange juice)
  5. Dairy
  6. Fried food
  7. Processed food
  8. Canned food
  9. Fermented foods (tofu, beancurd, soybean paste, miso soup) 
  10. Soy Sauce & Teriyaki Sauce
  11. Sweets and candy
  12. Refined sugar (including Nutrisweet) (natural sugar found in fruits are allowed as well as Stevia), 
  13. Salt (try to use minimal salt and use Himalayan salt if you can). Avoid foods with high sodium
  14. All sexual activity
  15. All vitamins and supplements (unless discussed prior)

Can I take Plant Medicine if I am on medication or have a medical condition?

We do not recommend you drink Plant Medicine if you have any of the following medical conditions: heart problems, kidney disorders, uncontrolled high blood pressure, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, if you are pregnant or have any history of psychosis or psychotic breaks.

For your safety, we must be made aware of any and all medications and drugs you have taken in the 8 weeks prior to your retreat.  The following medications cannot be combined with Plant Medicine for your safety.

  1. SSRIs and SNRis
  2. Anti-hypertensives
  3. Anti-psychotics
  4. Some asthma medications such as salbutamol
  5. Opiates and opioids
  6. Barbiturates
  7. Cough medicines
  8. Decongestants

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