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Because we live immersed in a reality that we have created based on beliefs, ideas, education, and the strong influence of culture, we believe that everything we perceive with our senses is the only truth that exist. Until something strong in life impacts us and makes us feel vulnerable to seek the path of spirituality.

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At first this path feels very lonely, but it is not. When all this matures and you can digest it better, you realize that you can never be alone…everything is here for you. In fact, when you let go of the projections of the mind, you will understand that everything is taking care of you, that you were never separate from it; whether you believe it or not, it’s always happening that way. When you realize that truth, then you can enjoy the game of life.

During the Retreat the mind will play some tricks on you, but please don’t touch anything. Just for this week, don’t touch any problem that you think you have. The biggest problem that you think you have, or how you behave, or what you think you must discover to do something, or the purpose of life, or anything else… for this week, put it aside. In the end you will realize something else!

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Usually the problem is not what you think it is! You must know how the mind works. Because normally we believe that we are in control of the mind, but usually we are not. You are not in control and you make decisions from your emotions, from the most unconscious part of yourself, and that is what you manage your life believing that it is you, but the conscious part is very limited.

During this week, if you allow yourself to integrate your thoughts, feelings and emotions, without denying anything, something will balance in your life. And you will be very honest and wise from that place because it is your own journey, it is the way you experience life. Therefore, all the experiences that you collect out there can be filtered without the personality being there to judge you.

If you feel lost or vulnerable and you are seeking a path to spirituality, consider contacting Nada Brahma Healing Center. Our retreats will provide you with a safe and nurturing environment to integrate your thoughts, feelings and emotions. We encourage you to take the first step towards an enriching spiritual journey, contact Nada Brahma today.

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