Integration of the experiences in your daily life

Ayahuasca Ceremony Costa Rica

We can be easily affected by our experiences. Whether it’s the three experiences mentioned in the previous article or those we encounter each day, the effects can manifest in various ways – stressfulness, anxiety, high blood pressure, weakened immune systems, sleeplessness, and more. These experiences can also fuel our ego and lead us to solely […]

Three Transformative Experiences

Ayahuasca ceremony Costa Rica

In a previous article, three transformative experiences were mentioned that can help recognize the calling in one´s heart. These experiences can take the body and mind to a challenging plane, but tools are provided to balance and allow for a transformative experience. The first is the cold plunge, the second is the Temazcal Sweat Lodge […]

Oil Pulling Cleanse

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that has proven to be very successful in the body’s detoxification process since oral health has a great impact on overall health. This cleaning is about eliminating pathogens from the mouth and throat, reducing inflammation and relieving congestion. It also helps eliminate bad breath, soothe bleeding gums, gingivitis, […]

Oregano Oil – Nature’s Antibiotic

Oregano Oil – Nature’s Antibiotic Costa Rica

Oregano Oil-Nature’s Antibiotic One of my favorite oils for health recovery is the oregano oil. Here, I will share some tips on how to use it and cases where it is so effective that the results are almost too good to be true. Oregano oil is the most powerful natural antibiotic in the world. It […]