Cancer touched my life at a very young age. My beloved, younger sister, Paola, was diagnosed with sarcoma at age 13. I observed all of the pain that this bought not only to her but to my entire family. Stress, fear, and deep despair rattled all of our lives as we watched Paola fight for life. Since we were conditioned to believe that it was the only real and safe option, my sister underwent conventional therapy (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation). Every treatment she received made her worse and sicker both physically and emotionally. She lost her battle with cancer at age 21. My sister was taken too early in life, but her desire to live always remained with me.

After Paola’s tragic death, I searched for purpose in my own life. Like most young adults, I was sold on the idea of going to college and living a conventional life.  After graduating and working for various companies as an engineer, I still felt that something was lacking. I left my career as an engineer in Costa Rica to travel to the United States with no job and no plan. By exerting great trust and allowing things to flow naturally, everything I needed at the time presented itself. I landed a good job, started a family, and even built a successful company. However, I still felt that my true calling was yet to be answered.

At this time in my life, spirituality was not a part of my mindset.

My first experience with Plant Medicine Ayahuasca completely changed my life! In my first experience with Plant Medicine, I felt I had discovered who I truly was as I experienced the illusion of this life, or what the Vedic texts refer to as “Maya” vanish in front of my eyes. The ceremony lasted for four hours, as we know it on the three-dimensional plane, but on another plane, where I was taken to, one in which time does not exist, I felt like an eternity of remembrance.

I felt I had been gifted many downloads of information and wisdom into my consciousness that night. The plant spoke to me and said, “remember, you have done Ayahuasca before. At the time, I couldn’t understand this because I had never even heard of Plant Medicine Ayahuasca before. Be that as it may, I felt deeply that this was a calling from the plant requesting that I be in service.  I attended ceremonies every two weeks for thee years with a shaman, who without saying many words was a very great teacher to me.

By placing myself in alignment with my true being, other medicines started showing themselves to me. Peyote, San Pedro and Kambo entered my field, each with its unique message and teachings. I learned a great deal about nutrition, juicing, detoxing, electromagnetic energy and much more.

Life reached a point where it felt impossible to keep all of the wisdom and teachings contained.

I am in complete gratitude seeing so many people come and go through ceremonies, all with their unique, profound, transformational experience.  Observing people as they identify the root of their problem, shed the layer of ego, clear past trauma, and simply connect with their inner being has been the message of Ayahuasca and I am simply here to help move that message forward.  My calling to work with this medicine grows stronger and stronger with each person that I am blessed to work with and serve this medicine to. I am in awe at the amazing healing properties Ayahuasca when combined with other natural plant medicines.  It is from this story, this seed of inspiration, that has resulted in the birth of the Nada Brahma Healing Center in Costa Rica.