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Dive Deep into Spirituality: Our Retreats Focus on Self-Observation and Self-Inquiry

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Costa Rica Spiritual Retreats with Plant Medicines and Holistic Approach

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During this week drop everything...To discover who you are!

About us

At Nada Brahma, we are dedicated to providing Plant Medicine Retreat Experiences for those seeking a profound spiritual connection with their true selves.

Our approach is unique, we use master plants as tools to help us explore the multiple layers of ego, our conditioned identity, and the limitations residing in our unconscious.

Ancient spiritual masters taught the concept of “Nada Brahma”: the universe is vibration. At Nada Brahma, we invite you to venture inward, to disconnect from the daily routine that often hinders us from recognizing our own limitations and conditionings. It is a space where you can immerse yourself in the silence of your own being, meditate, and receive guidance from your inner teacher.

A Spiritual Journey at Nada Brahma

Our purpose is to continue providing medicine and a space for the true at heart, the true seekers, to immerse themselves in that infinite space of love.

Nada Brahma started with a dream, a dream to help many people to find their path, a path without end, a path that we can find only when we stop identifying ourselves with our minds and our desires; a path that requires us to look inside ourselves, at our highest self in consciousness and wisdom, that being that is there waiting to be recognized.

Who am I? Why am I here? You can never find those answers with your mind, only when you immerse yourself in the deep silence, in the highest wisdom of your own being, that love that sustains all things, the invisible hand that gives us life: the Supreme Love.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and complete transformation with our three distinct retreat offerings:

All our retreats are meticulously crafted to bring harmony to the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Each is a unique gateway to transformation, catering to individuals on different paths of self-discovery.

Explore what resonates with you and contact us to guide you in crafting a personalized journey.

Your transformation awaits.

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Plant Medicine We Share


The frog will help you to release fears and empower your soul


Touch the soul and spirit in a dance of cosmic connection


A sacred journey of transformation and rebirth


Speaking from the heart’s truth

Other Plant Medicines

Explore Our Extended Retreat Services

A Complete Retreat Experience

Empower Your Health

Unlock Your Full Health Potential

Body and Mind Harmony

Embark on a Journey of Self-Healing and Detox

Unlimited Integration

Where Every Experience Becomes a Stepping Stone

Awaken Your Spirit

Explore Self-Inquiry through Meditation

Sound Healing

Experience healing with high vibration sound


Enhance Your Journey with Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils


Raise Your Vibration with Pure Natural and Organic Food Choices

Immerse in Nature

Discover Healing in the Embrace of Mother Earth