About Us

Nada Brahma was founded after seeing the need for a center where people could address both their physical and spiritual healing needs.  Their personal experience and success with the treatments and traditional medicines were motivation to open Nada Brahma.  “Nada” is a Sanskrit word meaning for vibrations that make up a sound. “Brahma” is a Hindu name for God. Nada Brahma means that we are all sound and vibration.  Brahma’s small staff is here to help and support each guest through their healing process.


Nada Brahma offers Healing retreats where you get to work with traditional Amazonian medicine and journey within to expand your consciousness and explore your inner world in a loving environment.  We believe all healing begins from within.  We facilitate healing on a physical, emotional and subconscious spiritual level. Whether you arrive for a spiritual retreat or to address a physical ailment or illness, we will show you how to heal yourself with proper nutrition, holistic healing therapies, and traditional Amazonian medicine.


We strive to create the best experience possible for each guest, therefore, we greatly appreciate your feedback. Please leave us a review to help us continue our mission and spread the message of sacred medicines to all those who hear the call.