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Costa Rica Ayahuasca Retreat with Plant Medicines and Holistic Approach

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The frog will help you to release fears and empower.


Balance the two brain hemispheres and be present.


Transform with fire and reborn to the new you.

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During this week drop everything...To discover who you are!

About us

A Nada Brahma Healing Retreat is a life changing experience that you will never forget!

Nada Brahma was founded after seeing the need for a center where people could address both their physical and spiritual healing needs.  Their personal experience and success with the treatments and traditional medicines were motivation to open Nada Brahma.

“Nada” is a Sanskrit word meaning for vibrations that make up a sound. “Brahma” is a Hindu name for God. Nada Brahma means that we are all sound and vibration.

Brahma’s small staff is here to help and support each guest through their healing process.

Be Part of Our Dream

Our purpose is to continue providing medicine and a space for the true at heart, the true seekers, to immerse themselves in that infinite space of love.

Nada Brahma started with a dream, a dream to help many people to find their path, a path without end, a path that we can find only when we stop identifying ourselves with our minds and our desires; a path that requires us to look inside ourselves, at our highest self in consciousness and wisdom, that being that is there waiting to be recognized.

Who am I? Why am I here? You can never find those answers with your mind, only when you immerse yourself in the deep silence, in the highest wisdom of your own being, that love that sustains all things, the invisible hand that gives us life: the Supreme Love.


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To discover who you are, you must be ready to observe everything that you are not. To leave all your past and discover the life that is waiting for you.

For this purpose I am here, to give you a hand in this transition of your life. Now everything depends on You. Are you ready?

Carlos Picado

This is an experience beyond words... Are you ready?

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