Ayahuasca Healing Retreats

Nada Brahma offers Ayahuasca retreats where you get to work with the traditional Amazonian medicine and journey within to expand your consciousness and explore your inner world in a loving environment.

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Upcoming Retreats

Check here for a calendar of our upcoming retreats and workshops.  In addition to retreats. We also offer private ceremonies and healing therapies.

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Detox, Cancer, Meditation & Yoga Retreats

Nada Brahma offers a unique Detox, Meditation and Yoga retreat which provides the perfect environment and combination of Kambo and natural therapies to purify your mind, body and soul and get rid of toxins from your body.

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Nada Brahma is an all-inclusive healing center which offers comfortable, peaceful, rooms. The property has views of the ocean, the sunset and the beautiful surrounding mountains with lush vegetation, exotic birds and monkeys.  Our property is isolated and immersed in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica which forces you to leave all distractions from the modern world behind.

· Access to private waterfalls and rivers
· Nature walking trails
· All-inclusive healthy vegan and vegetarian meals
· Natural fruit and vegetable juices
· Non-smoking and non-alcohol environment
· Tamascal sweat lodge
· Shared rooms with full and twin bunk beds or Private room with King bed
· Free laundry machines available

What is not included?
· Flight and travel insurance
· Technology – Your room will not have television or Wi-Fi. If you need to connect with someone, Wi-Fi can be made available at the main house of the property. However, remember this is the opportunity to take a journey away from your daily responsibilities and preoccupations. Unplugging from technology will only enhance your retreat experience and further your healing process. See our place