My husband, Carlos and I decided to open this healing center for many reasons but our journey on this path first began when at the age of 31, doctors found a tumor in my cervical spine. At the time, I was working as a litigation attorney in Miami and I only saw my 8-month old daughter for about two hours a day, because of work. I lived in a state of constant stress and suffered from neck pain and headaches. I thought my neck pain was due to improper exercise or bad sleeping positions. A trip to the doctor turned out to be life-changing. My world collapsed at the precise moment my doctor told me they found a tumor. Before I knew it, I was undergoing tests and preparations for open spine surgery.  Going into surgery, the surgeons had no idea if they were going to need to remove an important artery in my neck or reconstruct my cervical spine. My surgeon prepared me for any outcome, including death. As could be expected, there were complications during my long surgery. Upon waking up, I quickly realized that I lost the ability to raise my left arm and I had difficulty using my left eye. I found out later that I had Horner’s syndrome (droopy eye lid) as a result of nerve damage during my surgery. When I questioned the doctors why this happened, my surgeon told me that they almost lost me and he was happy that I still had brain function which was his biggest concern. Making matters worse, they were unable to remove the tumor or even get a decent sample for a conclusive biopsy. When all was said and done, the surgery left me with excruciating pain, partially paralyzed, and with problems with my left eye which caused me constant migraines. I remember sitting in my hospital bed thinking that there must be a better way and I thought to myself that if I was able to recover and live a healthy life again that I wanted to help others in my situation. A month later, the board of oncology recommended another open-spine surgery in order to obtain a proper biopsy and prescribe me the appropriate chemotherapy and radiation regiment. However, my surgeon advised that if I were to survive another surgery that I would be left completely paralyzed on my left side. Shocked and scared, I asked, “Where do we go from here?”  He responded, “Can you live with the pain?”  I responded “yes”. What my surgeon said next was the best life-saving advice he could have ever given me.  He said “Then forget you have a tumor and go live your life!” He explained that we could keep an eye on it with periodic MRIs and if it continued to grow, we could at that point explore treatment options.” Shocked, I said “but what about chemo”? He said, if I did chemo that its secondary effects would likely kill me in a few years anyway and that I was young and in all other respects healthy so there was no reason to rush into chemo if I could live with the pain. The days that followed were a haze, full of pain medication and physical therapy. During this time, my mother heard about Moringa, an incredible plant known for reducing tumors and helping cancer patients. I started taking large quantities of Moringa daily with hopes it would have an effect. Three months later at my follow-up MRI examination my doctor told me my tumor looked slightly smaller but had no real explanation as to why. He just told me to keep doing whatever I was doing and to come back in another 3 months. At that moment, I remember feeling excited and I knew that I was on the right path. I felt I needed a change of environment, so I made the decision to move our family to Costa Rica, which is known for its laid-back Pura Vida lifestyle and luckily it is where my husband’s entire family lived. Within only a few weeks after the big move to Costa Rica, Ayahuasca made its way into our lives.  I had never heard of it but I was intrigued. After just one ceremony, I was able to come off all my pain medication and my migraines stopped. The pain disappeared completely and I started regaining movement in my left arm.  Before I knew it, I could raise my left arm and could open my left eye completely again. Ayahuasca not only helped me physically heal but it opened my eyes to a new reality. It’s an experience which is difficult to put into words. I no longer saw the world as I previously did… I was changed forever. My first Ayahuasca ceremony also helped me let go of the guilt, stress and trauma I suffered having survived the terrorist attacks of 9-11 in New York. I also became more aware and conscious of what I was putting into my body. As a result, Carlos and I stopped eating meat all together in the months following our initial experience with Ayahuasca. Carlos began researching nutritional therapy and alternative treatments for cancer.  We immersed ourselves in learning different cancer protocols, workshops, seminars and I started applying all the therapies we learned. Before I knew it, we were juicing, eating a plant based diet, taking natural supplements and periodically detoxing our bodies. I am healthier than I have ever felt in my life and I have this burning desire to share these life-saving therapies.  I attribute my recovery and health not only to our drastic lifestyle change but also to the peace, happiness and love I found in myself with the help of Ayahuasca.