“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” –Hippocrates


Cancer touched my life at a very young age- my younger sister Paola (who was 13 years old at the time) and who passed away at the age of 21 of sarcoma. I could see all the pain this disease brought not only to her but to our entire family. Cancer brought stress, fear, and despair to all of our lives. During that time, many people gave us many different recommendations, many of which were nonsense. In the end, my sister underwent conventional treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) since we were made to believe that it was the only real and safe option. But this couldn’t have been further from the truth. I could see how every treatment she received made her worse and sicker, both physically and emotionally. My little sister died too early in life but her spirit and her desire to live always remained with me.

After my sister’s tragic death, I tried to become something in life. Like most young adults, I was sold on the idea that I needed to become someone so I went to college and became an engineer. I went on to work for various companies. I always knew I had to follow my dreams and at that time, I did just that. I left my career as an engineer in Costa Rica to go travel to the United States, without a job and no plans. And as everything in life is perfect when you let everything flow naturally, I found everything I needed at that time. I found a good job, my wife, started a family, built a successful company, made good money and all the dreams I wanted I could buy, except for one I could never buy…true happiness.

At that time, the spiritual path was the furthest thing from my life. Then everything changed and the illusory world that one creates collapsed again when my wife was told she had a tumor. In that moment, many emotions came back from the past, only that this time the past would not repeat itself. We moved to Costa Rica and we began to research alternative medicines and one by one they began to arrive. The first to come into our lives was Ayahuasca which came to us through two of my friends which I had not seen for a long time. Shortly after arriving to Costa Rica, these friends came to my home and told us about their experiences with Ayahuasca. That same night, I felt something inexplicable in them…lots of peace and love. They told me that they would like for me to go with them to an Ayahuasca ceremony. I immediately felt fear, but something stronger than fear told me to do it.

One week later I was on my way to my first encounter with my inner being. Mysteriously, that week leading up to my first ceremony I dreamed of snakes and Ayahuasca. That night completely changed my life. That night I found who I truly was and the illusion of the Maya vanished in front of me. The ceremony lasted about 4 hours on this plane of three-dimensional time. But, on other planes where time does not exist, it felt like an eternity only remembering. I received a lot of information that night and the plant said to me “remember you used to do Ayahuasca before.” At that time, I did not understand how that could be since I had never even heard of Ayahuasca before. Thereafter, a strong call from the plant attracted me back to ceremonies every two weeks for almost 3 years with a shaman, who without saying many words, was a great teacher during this period. This was a bit difficult for me, since after the first Ayahuasca my entire world changed. Many drastic changes occurred day-to-day in me which I had difficulty sharing with others. It was a start of a new path in which every Ayahuasca ceremony I was revealed new information. I stopped consuming all types of foods, including meat, dairy, processed food, alcohol etc. I simply followed my inner self. Then many other plant medicines kept coming to me one by one…Peyote, San Pedro, Kambo… each with a unique teaching. We then met a doctor who had many years of experience with helping people reverse and heal their cancer naturally. He taught us a great deal about nutrition, juicing therapy, detoxification, electromagnetic therapy and much more. We continued investigating more options and with each natural treatment we discovered, we were led to more and more treatment options.

Carlos Kambo Plant Medicine

It got to a point that we felt it impossible to keep all this knowledge to ourselves. And of course we experimented and saw the incredible healing effects of using natural therapies with my wife and saw the day-to-day improvements in her health. After seeing my sister suffer and eventually die from cancer, I was full of joy and happiness to know that there existed so many natural treatment options for cancer. I couldn’t believe how easy and simple one can heal their body from cancer using natural therapies. Every day I was able to see its healing effects in my wife and at the same time Ayahuasca was still manifesting in my life. Every day I experienced new things. I started meditating a lot and reaching higher and higher states of consciousness. I also began fasting, taking a lot of time to be alone and in silence. Every day I returned to being a child and remembered again what life is and why we are here.

Then came one last revelation through a friend, who was the first person I gave Ayahuasca to. In the middle of his Ayahuasca journey, the plant revealed many things through him. The plant told me that I was ready and that it was time to follow what I had been feeling and let myself go in this. Then only a few days later and without any effort everything presented itself to me. Another shaman friend who had years of experience working with Ayahuasca arrived to my house. We spoke about Ayahuasca and he proposed that we start giving the medicine together and in less than two months, everything that we needed, from the sacred plants to the ceremony location, presented themselves to us without any effort.

Lots of people began to come to the ceremonies and with my own eyes I saw all the healing that each one of them experienced. With each person I saw heal, the calling to work with plant medicine grew stronger. Then during an Ayahuasca ceremony, I was presented with a lot of information on how Ayahuasca could be used in conjunction with other natural medicine and nutritional plants to heal the physical body. I saw how I could use Ayahuasca to help people connect with their inner being and cure the root of their problem, that is, their emotional imbalances, past traumas, their ego and false identities. I also saw how the magic of natural nutritional plants could be used to heal the physical body. The results are simply incredible when combining plant medicines such as Ayahuasca with other natural medicine and nutritional plants and for this reason we decided to open the Nada Brahma Healing Center of Costa Rica and share all this wisdom with all our brothers and sisters.