Nada Brahma offers a unique Detox, Meditation and Yoga retreat which provides the perfect environment and combination of Kambo and natural therapies to purify your mind, body and soul and get rid of toxins from your body that often affects ones emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. During your stay, you will also be provided a variety of juices, wheatgrass shots and clean organic food, rich in nutrients to aid in your cleansing. In addition, Ayahuasca will also be made available to all participants who want to take a step further and embark on a healing spiritual journey within. To learn more about Ayahuasca and its benefits click here.

What does the retreat include?
i. Transportation to and from the San Jose (SJO) airport (35 minutes away)
ii. All vegetarian/vegan meals and beverages - all natural and organic ingredients are used when possible.
iii. A peaceful and comfortable room on our 2 acre property with access to waterfalls, rivers, amazing views and nature trails
iv. 3 Kambo ceremonies
v. Daily yoga and meditation
vi. Optional coffee enemas
vii. Daily juicing
viii. 1 Ayahuasca ceremony
ix. Temascal (Sweat Lodge)
x. Integration work with Carlos, our ceremony facilitator and spiritual guide
xi. 1 day excursion
xii. All activities

Unofficial Retreat Schedule – We like to customize retreats according to the energy and preferences of the group. The following is to give you an idea of how you will spend your retreat.
xxiii. SATURDAY – Arrival day. Get to know the staff, the grounds and relax after travel. Barn fire if weather permits.
xxiv. SUNDAY – Morning yoga and meditation. Nature walk to nearby waterfalls. 1st Kambo ceremony.
xxv. MONDAY – Morning yoga and meditation. Workshop regarding health and detox. Temascal ceremony. Barn fire if weather permits.
xxvi. TUESDAY – Morning yoga and meditation. 2nd Kambo ceremony and additional activities.
xxvii. WEDNESDAY - Morning yoga and meditation. Optional morning enema. Relaxing activities. Optional Ayahuasca ceremony.
xxviii. THURSDAY – Day of relaxation and integration. Afternoon yoga and meditation and 3rd Kambo ceremony.
xxix. FRIDAY – Morning yoga and meditation. Excursion day
xxx. SATURDAY – Breakfast and transportation to Airport.


What is Kambo?
Kambo is an ancient medicine that has been used for thousands of years by many tribes in the Amazon Rainforest. It is a poison which is collected from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog which is unharmed and returned to the rainforest after collection. In addition to having powerful healing and detoxing qualities, Kambo is one of the most powerful, natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world. It is also one of the strongest ways to empower our immune systems. Kambo not only clears out toxins, but many experience a sense of clarity after working with Kambo. It is currently being researched for its effectivenenss in treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, depression, migraines, blood circulation issues, cancer, fertility issues, AIDS and Hepatitis.

Can I participate in Kambo if I am on medication or have a medical condition?
If you are on any type of medication (other than birth control or natural supplements), please speak to us. Some medical conditions may prevent participation in Kambo ceremonies. We do not recommend you participate if you have any of the following medical conditions:
1. Pregnant or breastfeeding a child less than 6 months of age
2. Serious heart issues including past heart bypass operations
3. Low blood pressure that required medication
4. History of Stroke, Aneurysm, Blood clots or Bleeding in the brain
5. Serious mental health issues
6. History of organ transplant
7. Addison’s disease
8. Severe Epilepsy
9. Recovering from major surgical procedure

What to expect during Kambo Ceremony?
The Kambo is applied onto small dots which are burned onto the skin. This enables the medicine to enter the body. The frog secretion triggers chemical reactions in the body, causing the internal organs and intestines to purge toxins. The purging effects typically last between 10-20 minutes.

I have never done Yoga?
What level of yoga is done? Yoga classes will be open to all levels. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced yogi, rest assured that our instructors will be able to adjust any move to your abilities.

Price– 8 Days, 7 Nights
Shared Room - $1250.00 per person
Private Room - $1650.00

Chronic Illness

We offer private retreats focused on healing the body of cancer or other chronic illnesses which include one-on-one consultations with our experienced health professionals to address your particular health concerns and develop a customized program tailored to your particular illness and health goals. You will be taught how to heal your body with the use of natural and holistic healing therapies, and how to implement an organic and clean eating lifestyle. In addition, you will receive personal spiritual guidance throughout your stay as well as the option to participate in an Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremony.

Cancer Healing Retreat – We have all been touched by cancer at some point in our lives. If you are inquiring about a cancer healing retreat it is because you or someone you love is facing cancer. It is important to remember cancer is not a death sentence. There are growing numbers of people all over the world reversing their cancer and going on to live healthy lives. More importantly, the benefits of what you will experience and learn at Nada Brahma will continue with you for the rest of your life and will hopefully be shared with your friends and family so that they also learn how to live a long and healthy cancer-free life.

What does the retreat include?
1. Transportation to and from the San Jose (SJO) airport (35 minutes away)
2. All vegetarian/vegan meals and beverages - all natural and organic ingredients used when possible
3. A peaceful and comfortable private room on our 2 acre property with access to waterfalls, rivers, amazing views and nature trails
4. A full body detox
5. Green juicing therapy
6. Vitamin C infusion therapy
7. Supplements and extracts to assist in building up your immune system and lowering inflammation in the body
8. A number of workshops that will teach you what foods to avoid, what foods to implement in your diet, and what toxic chemicals and products to avoid
9. You will also be invited to work one-on-one with our spiritual guides to assist you in finding inner peace and balance in your life during your healing process. In addition, you will have the option to participate in Ayahuasca, Kambo and additional holistic healing therapies such as aromatherapy and reiki.

Price – Cancer healing retreats typically take place over the course of 4 weeks. However, retreats can be customized to the individual’s availability. Please note, we recommend a minimum of 7-10 days. Prices depend on the length of stay. Please contact us for a consultation and to discuss pricing.