Nada Brahma

Nada Brahma was founded by Carlos and Jessica after seeing the need for a center where people could address both their physical and spiritual healing needs.  Their personal experience and success with the treatments and traditional medicines was motivation to open Nada Brahma.  “Nada” is a Sanskrit word meaning for vibrations that make up sound. “Brahma” is a Hindu name for God. Nada Brahma means that we are all sound and vibration.  Brahma’s small staff is here to help and support each guest through their healing process.



Co-founder of Nada Brahma Healing Center

He is a spiritual guide and ceremony facilitator and has helped countless people on their spiritual journey in life. He felt a calling to open the healing center after years of working with plant medicine and seeing its incredible results. He assists with the integration process that inevitably occurs after working with plant medicine and also offers nutritional therapy.

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Co-founder of Nada Brahma Healing Center

She was inspired to open the healing center with her husband, Carlos after her own personal battle with cancer and her life-changing experience with Ayahuasca. Jessica has had success treating her own cancer with nutritional therapy and has gone on to take countless seminars, workshops and nutritional programs to further her knowledge. In addition to providing nutritional therapy and workshops during retreats she, like all members of our staff, are always available to talk and provide emotional support during the healing process.

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