Nada Brahma offers Ayahuasca retreats where you get to work with the traditional Amazonian medicine and journey within to expand your consciousness and explore your inner world in a loving environment.

It is so hard to put to words the "ayahuasca experience," outside of life changing and the hardest sometimes, yet somehow the most beautiful experience. Nada Brahma Healing Center on the other hand, I cant say enough about. The team is amazing, so humble and full of wisdom, compassion and understanding...

Before the retreat I looked for reassurance OUTSIDE myself to make sure I could trust I was going to a safe and loving place.

And now, AFTER the magical, transformational time at Nada Brahma, I know, that I can find that safe and loving space INSIDE myself...always available, ever perfect, unpollutable. The whole experience guided me towards fully trusting again in my own intuition and the flow of ever-changing life...

The retreat was exactly what I was hoping for -- the right mix of group conversation, yoga, meditation and ceremonies with solo time to do whatever feels right with no judgment or pressure. It's really magical what they are doing and the center seems to attract genuine, open-hearted people from all over the world...

About Us

We are a small all-inclusive healing center located in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica which offers individual and group retreats including Ayahuasca, detox cleansing, meditation, yoga retreats and healing therapies.  Since we believe all healing begins from within, Nada Brahma’s retreats provide healing on a physical as well as an emotional and spiritual level. Whether you arrive for a spiritual retreat or to address a physical ailment or illness, we will show you how to heal your physical and spiritual self through the use of nutritional and holistic healing therapies and traditional Amazonian medicine.


We will be more than glad to have your inputs. Please give us a review to help us continue our mission and continue spreading the goods of the sacred medicines to those who get the call.