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Nada Brahma offers Ayahuasca retreats where you get to work with the traditional Amazonian medicine and journey within to expand your consciousness and explore your inner world in a loving environment.

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Workshop & Events

We offer this alternative for those who live in Costa Rica and are unable to do an extended stay at our healing center. The information and treatments provided during our retreats are divided into various private workshops.

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Nada Brahma

Nada Brahma is a small all-inclusive healing center located in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica which offers individual and group retreats including Ayahuasca, cancer healing, detox cleansing, meditation, yoga retreats and healing therapies and workshops.  Since we believe all healing begins from within, Nada Brahma’s retreats provide healing on a physical as well as an emotional and spiritual level. Our experienced health professionals and spiritual guides provide individualized attention to each person during their stay. Whether you arrive for a spiritual retreat or to address a physical ailment or illness, we will show you how to heal your physical and spiritual self through the use of nutritional and holistic healing therapies and traditional Amazonian medicine.